Tracking of Your Payments, Pay-outs, Agent Exposure, PnL and GP Now at Your Fingertips.

Understanding bottom line and exposure stays a major challenge in the travel industry?

With competition soaring in the travel industry and working with different market agents can be quite a challenging task whilst also maintaining your bottom line and tracking agent exposure constantly. With ETOSDMC24 we track and measure all your receivables, payables, alerts on unproportionate exposures, billings and payment cycles that not only keep your credits in check but also give you better understanding with your revenues and groups operating profits in your organization.

Can ETOSDMC24 answer all my finance related problems as a tour operator?

No and Yes, with ETOSDMC24 we manage all your operational accounting requirements and not your final accounting requirements. We track all your credits, payments, pay-outs, PnL and gross operating profits across all your incoming bookings. We further complete a full cycle accounting by integrating with 3rd party accounting systems.

We insist on integrating legal 3rd party accounting systems as per the destination demands, this simplifies the entire accounting process just by queuing the completed files from ETOSDMC24 accounting module to their legal accounting system.


Plan your pre-payments, billing and payment cycles, profit and loss statements and gross operating profits with ETOSDMC24

  • Track all your confirmed bookings and proforma invoices
  • Create deposit invoice and track advance payments
  • Manage payment receipts
  • Bulk payment management
  • Supplier bill booking and managing over charge
  • Pre-payment approvals and tracking
  • Tax invoice creation
  • Credit / Debit notes and set off management
  • Outstanding supplier bills and payment management
  • Provisional and final PnL statement
  • Monthly GP / GOP
  • Forced closure of PnL and reopening via internal approvals.
  • Exposure tracker
  • Auto alerts with SMS and Emails
  • Dashboard for tracking and alerts
  • MIS reports

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