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bizDMC is an extension to eazyDMC by adding 2 core modules - contracting and reservations management. bizDMC is a team product which covers 4 most important aspects of operations - Contracting, CRM, Sales and Reservation. Created for ambitious tour operators who wish to have management software covering their needs up to reservations.

bizDMC is an ideal team software for your DMC

What is so promising
about bizDMC?

  • Includes all features of eazyDMC!!
  • No long-term commitment!! No risk!!
  • 100% cloud based. No installation!!
  • Includes maintenance
  • Affordable software cost in the market
  • Multi-branch team management
  • Dynamic supplier contracting
  • Costing and quotation using contracts
  • Full featured reservation management
  • Supplier pre-payments with approvals
  • Reservation team dashboard
  • MIS reports over 20+ & graphical outputs
  • Hosted and managed on cloud server
  • Destination website with CMS Module at cost (optional)
Starting @ USD 69 /user /month*

Enhance your team's experience with bizDMC

Business Team Setup
For every tour operator their team is an asset and bizDMC does exactly what is required to manage a team with its team creation and control management in its tour operator software. Define team Marketwise to increase their productivity. Marketwise teams help you analyse your market presence and performance that you need to know as each market is unique. Dynamic dashboards, sales team hierarchy, data analysis on the fingertip help you perform at your best and envisage future challenges.
  • Create up to 5 teams
  • Manage teams with set of employees
  • Assign markets
  • Create team hierarchy and workflow
  • Track sales funnel from the bottom most team member till the top
  • Make each team member’s work count
  • One member can be part of multiple teams
  • Dashboard for sales help individual track their performance
  • Single member or full team analysis
  • Marketwise transparency and analysis
  • Track team performance
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Dynamic Contracting and Supplier Management
Contracting tool helps centralise all the supplier contracts be it multi-market or multi-season contracts or multi-pricing making it easy for tour operators to manage and update the contracts on the fly. Managing offers or creating markup rules allow the software to bring dynamic pricing at the time of booking.
  • Manage hotel/property content, contracts and offers
  • Manage attraction content, rates for ticket / entrance
  • Manage day tours, schedule tours and their costs
  • Manage transport contracts (deals made with transfers and transport supplier)
  • Manage restaurant content and contracts
  • Manage guides rates
  • Manage airline contracts
  • All contracts with multi-market, multi-pricing and multi-currency
Reservations and Prepayments
bizDMC outsells over most of the tour operator software with its in-depth reservation management module, which makes it easy for your reservation team by bringing all the day to day processes of confirmation with supplier services and managing reconfirmations before the arrivals. It integrates with outgoing email with attached PDF of supplier vouchers of LPO (Local Purchase Order). Prepayment process with approval workflow allows outgoing payment controls.
  • Manage reservations for all services
  • Manage booking file-wise reservations
  • Create supplier vouchers
  • Availability emails
  • Amendments and service cancellations
  • Track file till arrivals
  • Reservation logs to track changes
  • Dynamic reservations dashboards
  • Create guest vouchers
  • Manage movements
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Reusable Packages

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Destination Website
With CMS Module

Create an online brand which attracts your target market, we design a comprehensive destination website which will allow destination management companies and inbound tour operators to leverage their identity digitally by making it customer centric and destination specific Read More