Correct Resources Allocation and Utilization for Each Movement Help to Plan in Advance.

Planning resources and managing guest movements can be a massive operational task

Planning city arrivals, SIC transfers, long haul journeys or intercity transfers can be a substantial task for any DMC and its operations team. With ETOSDMC24 we provide a completely automated processes to manage your daily movements and plan your resources with high degree of accuracy and in turn allow your operations team to have a better visibility of upcoming journeys, vehicles, drivers, airport rep and guides across all bookings.

What different can I achieve with the planning tool?

Other than managing schedules of small or large group arrivals, allocating vehicle, drivers, guides and airport reps. ETOSDMC24 also allows you to plan much in advance on your monthly requirements, renegotiating with suppliers, managing driver U-turns, preferred drivers by guests, generating duty slips, providing advances to the drivers / guides and understanding vehicle utilizations and age of vehicle.


Plan early, make necessary changes at end point and optimize your resources to manage your day-to-day operations.

  • Track daily guest movements for arrivals, departures and activities
  • Manage small or large group of guests
  • Allocation management of drivers, guides, airport reps and vehicles
  • Daily airport rep list
  • Duty slips for drivers and guides
  • Tracking completed tours and time
  • Managing empty runs or dead heads
  • Utilization and reporting of drivers, guides and vehicles
  • Owned or supplier fleet database
  • Driver management in payroll
  • Driver leave management
  • Tracking own vehicles under repair or maintenance
  • Advance management to drivers / guides
  • Dashboard for tracking and alerts
  • MIS reports

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