Build and Analyse New Markets Stay Connected with your Partners Adopt New Strategies

Full featured software for aspirational DMCs with an extension to B2B and/or B2C booking platforms.

proDMC allows to tour operators to adopt new strategies to make a difference in the market. proDMC covers all the features, a destination management company would need and also extends to point-of-sales like B2B and / or B2C booking platforms. Suited even for tour operators with multi-branch operations and global partner network.
proDMC covers all the features of bizDMC and also extends it by adding a complete operational Accounts Management along with extension to B2B and B2C booking and reservation management. It’s a perfect match for handling MultiDMC operations.

What is so complete
about proDMC?

  • Includes all features of bizDMC!!
  • Long term commitment!! 24/7 support!!
  • 100% cloud based. No installation!!
  • Includes maintenance
  • Affordable software cost in the market
  • Multi-branch operations
  • Extends to point of sale B2B and B2C booking platforms
  • Sub-agent allocation of inventory
  • Credit management for partner agents
  • Market Rep management with retainer and commission management
  • Unlimited team setup
  • Integrate with 3rd party XML suppliers and accounting systems
  • Reports over 40+ & graphical output
  • Hosted and managed on cloud server
  • Destination website with CMS module at cost (optional)
  • Consultation and Customisation at cost
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Starting @ USD 69 /user /month*
Request for Hosted solutions and customised proposal

Create Bigger Impact and Better Accountability with proDMC?

Operational Accounting with 3rd Party Integrations
For every tour operator their team is an asset and bizDMC does exactly what is required to manage a team with its team creation and control management in its tour operator software. Define team Marketwise to increase their productivity. Marketwise teams help you analyse your market presence and performance that you need to know as each market is unique. Dynamic dashboards, sales team hierarchy, data analysis on the fingertip help you perform at your best and envisage future challenges.
  • Manage receivables and create payment receipts
  • Manage payables and track supplier bills
  • Create deposit invoice
  • Create tax invoice
  • Manage agent revolving credit with risk analyser
  • Create credit and debit notes
  • Generate file-wise profit and loss statement and monthly GOP/GP report
  • Creditors and debtors ageing reports
  • Alerts and accounts dashboard
  • Over 10+ reports and graphical output
  • Integrates with 3rd party accounting system

Extending Point of Sales and 3rd Party Integrations

B2C Booking Engine
with destination website
A fully content managed website for your DMC with enabled features to search and book hotels, activities and transfers and also publish ready packages with themes that allows a complete 360-degree booking engine for your destination. Each Website is designed uniquely and linked to CMS (content management system).
B2B Booking Engine
proDMC tour operator software allows Destination management companies to extend its B2B booking platform to its partners, thus allowing the partners to book hotels, activities, transfers and packages at convenience. Credit tracking, multi-currency booking and managing bookings and accounts form an integral part of the B2B booking engine.
Integration with 3rd Party Accounting System
We can integrate our software with your legacy accounting system which will allow you to have a complete ERP experience. Our team will either create a SOAP XML or will use an accounting system sandbox to integrate. We have integrated with some industry renowned accounting systems seamlessly with our ETOSDMC24 products.

Reusable Packages

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Destination Website
With CMS Module

Create an online brand which attracts your target market, we design a comprehensive destination website which will allow destination management companies and inbound tour operators to leverage their identity digitally by making it customer centric and destination specific Read More