Centralising Supplier Database and Contracts

Why centralising supplier data and contracts is so important for tour operator companies?

Tour operators or destination management companies work with multiple ground suppliers and also have agent partners in different markets. Managing contracts in excel or PDF can be difficult at times and turnaround time to send the quotations to clients can be too high and inaccurate. With ETOSDMC24 we manage different types of contracting scenarios and complex contracts with offers from different types of suppliers with an option to have them easily added and used for quotations.

What types of supplier contracts are managed in ETOSDMC24?

ETOSDMC24 contracting module covers major ground services contract and supplier needs and stores it centrally which can be assessed by your sales team or can be published to your B2B agent booking platform and B2C client booking platform seamlessly with your markups. Types of supplier contracts managed are hotels, transfers, transport, meals / restaurants, activities (attraction tickets, day tours, activities and day use hotels), car rental or self-drive car contracts, airlines, trains, guides and drivers.


What are the key features in contracting module which separates ETOSDMC24 from other tour management software’s?

  • Structured module with dashboard
  • 100% encrypted at database level
  • Supplier database management
  • Supplier type management
  • Supplier contact management
  • Import supplier excel feature
  • Reuse management and replication features
  • Expiry management of contracts
  • Market management of contracts
  • Multi-season contracts management
  • Contract Approval process (maker / checker process)
  • Special rates management
  • Multi-currency contracts
  • Managing input tax and other taxes as per country law
  • Special offer management (discount, stay pay, upgrade, family / child, honey moon etc.)
  • Combining 2 offers or more
  • Chain hotels management
  • Chain hotel offers management
  • Allocation / allotments / inventory management for hotels with release period
  • Setup hotel allotments from Agents
  • Export options to PDF and Excel

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