12 Jul 2021

Manage your teams and create better visibility amongst all your departments

People are key input in service industry like travel and play a major role in the key departments in the production functions of the service organizations. Most mid-sized or larger destination management or tour operator companies are mainly divided into 4 major functions, sales and marketing, reservations, operations and accounts. People management thus contributes to enhancing abilities of staff and converting them into output such as customer satisfaction and good quality services.
How ETOS DMC24 help better team engagement, transparency across departments to improvise day to day operations functions?

With ETOS DMC24 software setting up teams is easy for tour operators and managers can track and manage their hierarchies at all operational functions across all departments.
Some key functions of ETOS DMC24 that will enable tour operators to improve staff efficiency and transparency in providing better inputs and hence outputs.
  • Setting up teams for all the major departments of operations
  • Creating of team hierarchy by creating reporting managers
  • Setting up processes driven dynamic workflows and approval processes
  • Tracking all their key functions and providing a quantifiable reporting tool and better work ethics
  • Team alerts at core functional areas of attention
  • Task tracking and completion status
Team management module in the software thus plays as a key element that can transform tour operators to turn abilities and skills of staff into a desired output and in turn translate that into a good quality services to their guests.