12 Jul 2021

Gorgeous digital and PDF itineraries to suit your brand image

Branded and gorgeously designed itinerary do setup the initial impression of how you pursue your travel business and how do your partner agents and customer feel about you at the first instance of receiving your destination program or itinerary. As the experts says that half the battle is won if you can present your proposal in align to what your client needs. That’s why it’s a good idea to find a role within your destination brand.
Selling a trip is like inspiring your clients to visit your destination without physically visiting and before they can actually find value of their time and money. Most itineraries are mundane and don’t have the edge and clarity of navigating between the various interest points of the client and end up making no impact or divert the mind of the visitor to other destination.
How does sending content rich and meaningful itinerary help in making up the visitors mind to visit your destination:
  • Ensure your plan fits to number of days and budget of the client
  • Design each day efficiently so that the visitor gets maximum time doing activities and rest rather than long and unnecessary travel
  • Provide destination content and also destination images to relate to the day wise plan.
  • Hotel makes to a major part of any travel, so if possible provide details like star category, room and meal plan and any freebies from the hotel or any offer if applied to the room
  • Map features enables the guest to know how routing will happen during the stay and this adds to understand distance between two destinations.
  • Tour cost which is the prime focus of the guest to be very transparent with all inclusions, exclusions, cancellation and payment policies.
  • Add a live chat with the consultant if possible
  • Create gorgeous looking itinerary
  • Option of multi-lingual itinerary will always be a top-up
Most of the visitors will arrive with a lot of pre-set knowledge and expectations and if you deliver post their arrival what they have booked, they will have a memorable experience of the destination and you as a tour operator.